The Power of Remembering.

The Wall of Answered Prayer is dedicated to remembering what Jesus has done both in biblical times and today. Remembering isn’t passive, it is an action that brings the power of Jesus into our lives. As we remember what He has done, it enables us to stop focusing on impossibility and instead focus on the God who does the impossible.

Bill Johnson summarises remembrance in his book Release the Power of Jesus:

‘Remembering is something that someone can learn to do through choice, and that in turn helps to develop spiritual sensitivities. It’s as though we can choose to subject ourselves to the influence of the miraculous through biblical meditation and then brace ourselves for the supernatural result!’

Remembrance runs throughout the Bible. There are multiple accounts of memorial stones which pointed to God; God sent a rainbow after the flood to remember His covenant that ‘never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life’ (Genesis 9:15); the covenant meal was a tradition where parties could remember their covenants with one another.

Over and over again we see God creating ways to remember His works. He wants us to live in remembrance.

Putting Remembrance into Action

What does this look like in practice? Psalm 77 gives an example. The psalmist starts in a place of hopelessness. Then he decides to ‘remember the deeds of the Lord’. He meditates on God’s miracles and mighty acts. This leads to an outpouring of praise and worship as he recalls the glory of God. No longer is he writing from a place of distance and despair, but a place of hope and remembrance. By recalling what God has done for us and for others, faith is restored, joy is uncovered and our hearts turn from despair to praise.

The following Psalm 78, written by the same author, encourages us to teach future generations about Jesus. We have the power to influence and inspire our children and their children by remembering what God has done.

That is what The Wall will do. Every one of the million answered prayers that will be in this landmark will reveal a part of God. Making a record of testimonies will allow generations to remember Jesus’ nature and His power to change lives. Together we will inspire generations of God’s goodness to turn their hearts from despair to praise.

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