Discover the biblical basis behind The Wall of Answered Prayer and learn more about:

  • how walls are biblically symbolic of strength, security, hope and community.
  • how biblical figures used to commemorate God's goodness with monuments.
  • how Israelite shepherds used their staffs to remember testimonies.
  • how the Bible is full of answered prayers.

The Bible contains many passages that focus on answered prayer, the power of remembering, and the importance of building monuments as a reminder of what God has done. Jesus is at the heart of our project, and the Bible is the foundation upon which The Wall will be built.

Read more:

  1. Memorial Stones in the Bible
  2. Remembering God's Works
  3. The Power of Remembering
  4. Walls in Scripture
  5. Why The Wall is not an idol
  6. Staffs in the Bible

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