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Press Release 21.05.2019


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Winning Design

Richard Gamble, CEO

Richard became a Christian in 1990 and left his career at British Gas to study at Nettle Hill Bible
College in 1991. He has had a varied career including co-founder of a successful software business, business consultancy, former chaplain of Leicester City FC and CEO of Sports Chaplaincy UK. He now spends his time in the UK building The Wall of Answered Prayer.




Paul Bulkeley, Head Architect

Paul is the founding director of Snug Architects, an award-winning practice that was selected in 2017 by the Royal Institute of British Architects as one of only nine role model practices. He has over 22 years of experience in Architecture and Urban Design, with an established reputation for award winning design, visionary thinking and the ability to deliver engaging community facilitation that engenders consensus. He is a visionary with an exceptional ability to see solutions where others might see challenges. He is a gifted communicator and recognized thought leader in the industry, having spoken internationally on design and business ethics. He is also a Teaching Fellow at the University of Southampton where he pioneered a civil engineering and architecture degree.

Paul is a committed Christian and has been developing a Biblical approach to ‘business as ministry’ . On the 500th anniversary of the Reformation he founded BizMin, an international organisation dedicated to equipping Christian entrepreneurs around the world to do business as ministry. He lives in Lymington with his wife and four children but grew up on the banks of the river Congo.



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