Journey to the Final Design PartĀ 1.

15th MarĀ 2019

Technical Judging Panel

The Technical Judging Panel is currently meeting with the 5 final architects from the RIBA competition. They will judge the practical elements of the designs and narrow the final 5 down to a final 2-3.

The panel will have four meetings both with and without the architects, and will make their decision of the best finalist in mid-April. These designs will then go forward to the Internal Panel who will select the winning design.

In this picture you see (left to right) representing the Sponsor of the RIBA Stage 2 Competition: Sarah Jefferson, Design Advisor of Ibstock Brick plc, Technical Adviser (Cost Planning) to the Wall: Marc Chapman, Director of Gleeds; and Andrew Cheesbrough, Keystone Projects acting on behalf of The Wall to manage stage 2 of the RIBA competition.