Why The Wall is not an idol.

‘Keep yourselves from idols’ (1 John 5:21)

An idol is something which we worship that is a replacement of God; something that is more important to us than Jesus. Throughout the Bible God condemns idol worship, the consequences of which are usually severe.  The Wall of Answered Prayer is built upon the Christian foundational belief that the Bible is the Word of God and is therefore the truth. We believe that the worship of anything or anyone other than God is sinful.

What we are building is not an idol, but a memorial. An idol is an object that is worshipped in the place of God. A memorial is an object that reminds people of God and His glory.

The Wall's aims

We want nobody to worship The Wall. Idol worship is absolutely against what we are doing. We are using this structure to point people towards Jesus as a memorial for what He has done. As people visit The Wall and find one million answers to prayer, they will:

  • Remember our Christian Heritage
  • Be inspired to pray
  • Be led to encounter Jesus Christ, the God who answers

Building memorials is how the Israelites in Old Testament times remembered God’s works. What can we do to remember God’s goodness in New Testament times?

Remembering Jesus

One of the best ways we remember what Jesus has done is through communion. Jesus encourages us to regularly remember what He sacrificed for our salvation. 

In Matthew 16, Jesus talks to the disciples about the importance of remembering. The disciples are rebuked for forgetting a recent miracle and its impact. 

The Wall is less about the structure itself, but more about demonstrating the power of remembering.

The way the human brain is built is that we need prompts to remember. We have the prompt of the physical breaking of bread and sharing of wine to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us, and that in turn reminds us to live a life of gratefulness and hope. 

Memory Tools

In our modern age we ought to create ways that we can prompt ourselves to remember God. In the Old Testament they would engrave their staffs with etches to remember what God had done. We could easily write the miracles of what God has done in a notebook or on an app.

The Wall is not an idol

The Wall is not an idol. It is simply another memory tool to prompt us to remember the incredible things God has done in our lives and in the lives of others. We are creating a landmark that will equip the nation to remember what God has done throughout history in one million people’s lives.

As visitors encounter this structure and the prayers that are built into it, they will catch a glimpse of God’s infinite DNA as a God of miracles and be led to encounter Jesus as their Saviour. There is nothing more important than that.

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