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The Wall of Answered Prayer is significant for the church globally, nationally and locally. It is galvanising Christians from across denominations to come together and unite in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Through the sharing of our testimonies and the stories of God’s goodness in our lives a fire is being ignited in churches across the UK to seek, expect and share answers to prayer!

Will your church be ignited next?

Churches that are working with us to gather testimonies and support The Wall in a range of ways are seeing their own congregations energised and ignited to share their stories beyond The Wall of Answered Prayer. Once people share their story with The Wall they begin to realise that it’s an effective way to evangelise and spread the word about the goodness of God. They find themselves with more opportunities to tell friends and family about Jesus, and what He has done for them.

How can your church get involved?

  1. Invite us to speak and share about The Wall at your church
  2. Gather testimonies
  3. Support The Wall financially

And of course you’re welcome to do all three!

We are on a mission to gather testimonies from across the country and we are looking for church ambassadors in each region - will you be one of them?

Reasons to get your church involved?

  1. Ignite a renewed passion for the sharing of testimony and evangelism in your church
  2. Be an important part of building a national landmark that represents Jesus and will inspire generations to come
  3. Have a documented record of answered prayers from within your church as an important part of your church history

How to get involved

  1. Complete the form below to let us know how you’d like to get involved
  2. You’ll be sent a church pack with information to help you spread the word
  3. A member of our team will be in touch to discuss our partnership

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