Top 10 Questions about Eternal Wall

  1. Where will it be built? 
  2. When will it be built?
  3. How will I access the answered prayers?
  4. How will I be able to read the answered prayers that I can’t reach?
  5. How are the answered prayers processed?
  6. How much will it cost to build?
  7. How is it funded? 
  8. Is Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer multi-faith? 
  9. What will Eternal Wall look like?
  10. How is spending this much money justified? 

When will it be built?

We are currently going through the planning process and hope to begin the physical build in late 2020. We are aiming to complete the project in the latter part of 2022.

The vast majority of the construction will be undertaken off-site. It is hoped that the on-site assembly of Eternal Wall will take between two-three months.

How will I access the answered prayers?

Each answered prayer will be digitally linked to a specific location in the impressive structure. Using a bespoke app, you will be able to hold your phone up to a brick and discover the specific answered prayer it represents with either audio, video or text.

How will I be able to read the answered prayers that I can’t reach?

You will be able to use tourist-style binoculars to zoom in and read answered prayers on bricks you can’t reach. There will also be touch screens on site allowing you to access our whole database. You’ll be able to type in any circumstance or situation and see the answered prayer stories that relate to that topic.

How are answered prayers processed?

Every answered prayer we receive is read by one of our dedicated team members to ensure its suitability for inclusion. Each answered prayer is unique. Some are small, like finding a lost item, and others are big and dramatic such as receiving enough financial provision to pay off a huge debt.  Here are three questions we look for in an answered prayer. 

  • What was your situation?
  • How did you pray? 
  • How did Jesus answer your prayer?

How much will it cost to build?

The total build will cost approximately £7.2m.

How is it funded?

All our funding will come from private investment. The project does not want to take any money from the public purse. Some of this funding will come from major donors and some will be crowdfunded from individual donors. When someone sends in their answered prayer there is an option to donate to the project if they wish.

Crowdfunding is at the heart of Eternal Wall. We believe there is something special about building a national landmark that is funded by tens of thousands of people. 

Our intention is to undertake all the capital investment without incurring any debt, creating a larger net profit for charities.

Once built, financial support will be generated from the carpark, the café, bookstore and the education centre.

Is Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer multi-faith?

For Christians, Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will be a piece of public art about Jesus. It is open for everybody to visit and enjoy.

The UK is incredibly diverse. We believe a multi-faith society is about having the freedom for each faith to express their beliefs. To that end, Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will include an exhibition within which there will be the opportunity for other faiths to express their view on prayer.

Once planning has been approved, we will begin to consult with other local faith leaders to see how they would best like to engage with the project in keeping with their belief system.

What will Eternal Wall look like?

Eternal Wall is designed in the shape of an infinity loop called a Möbius strip. An unorientable surface which has neither beginning nor end and which can never be classed as a static, finite wall. Created by taking a ribbon, giving it a half-twist, and then re-joining the ends to form a loop, the shape is essentially a single surface running fluently in an ever-connecting line. As a result, a person can never be on the outside or the inside of it. 

For us, the continuous nature of the band represents how God is always listening and always answering our prayers.

The monumental structure will rise 51.5m into the sky.

We ran a global competition with the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2016 to find a design for Eternal Wall, and received 133 entries from 28 countries. Southampton-based practice, Snug Architects put forward the winning concept and we announced this in May 2019. Since then, the design has been developed and refined in response to the site, increasing in scale and impact. 

See more images of Eternal Wall.

How is spending this much money justified?

Once Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is built it will generate enough income to continue to invest into social housing and other charities.

We believe that God has an unlimited supply. Because of this, it isn’t a choice of whether Eternal Wall should be built or if other worthy causes should be funded. We believe that God has enough to provide for both. The Bible says that God is a gracious and generous God. We want to demonstrate this with Eternal Wall.

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