Journey Through The Wall.

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Follow the journey through this national landmark of hope, designed by Snug Architects.

Encounter, Approach & Enter

As you approach The Wall, you first see it from the motorway. It is instantly recognisable. It is eye-catching yet seamlessly blends in to the surrounding landscape and sky.

Driving towards the site on the new access road you gain glimpsed views of the structure over the trees and hedges, reassuring you that you are nearly there and building your sense of anticipation and intrigue.

The entrance to the monument is highly legible and inviting. It builds intrigue, anticipation and excitement as the arch is momentarily lost from view.

The Visitor Centre, the View & Ponder, Pause, Pray

On entering the visitor centre you are immediately immersed in The Wall, surrounded by uplifting walls of prayer. The space is dynamic, encouraging deeper engagement.

As you are drawn through the exhibition you catch the first glimpse of the arch through a generous arc of glazing. Here you get the first close up view of the arch, majestic against the sky and landscape beyond.

Turning to the right, you are drawn around the curve and through the exhibition. The space becomes increasingly enclosed, focusing your gaze onto the bricks and away from external distractions. As the walls slowly close in, increasing their verticality, you glimpse views to the sky, eyes lifting upwards towards the light.

Here you move into a secluded outside room within the walls. This is a quiet space for reflection and private prayer. This space creates a physical and emotional experience of passing into prayer.

Breakthrough, Explore & Transcendence

Drawn on around the curve of The Wall you quite suddenly emerge, released into a light and spacious place. You are now at the base of the arch, eyes drawn upward in awe and wonder as its transcendent arch is revealed.

You wander deep in thought past 1 million bricks, warm and secure in the structures embrace.

Now outside, you move through and along the arcing path of the arch. Now the true scale and majesty of the structure becomes clear.

Remembering, Engage & Touch

You are now encouraged to follow the path around the perimeter of the structure, passing around the outside surface of The Wall.

Here The Wall is close up, its gentle curve drawing you on.

The surface is tactile and textured, encouraging you to engage with and touch the bricks.

Celebration, Embrace & Reflection

Moving away from the structure, the path continues out into the landscape. Here the monument is fully revealed and you can enjoy a range of dynamic views looking back towards the landmark of hope.

Heading back towards the heart of the monument, you move past a beautiful old oak tree and into the monument’s inner court. As you return to the visitors centre you are drawn into the café and bookstore.

On the terrace you can sit and enjoy a well-earned beverage with friends in the warm embrace of the terrace. The terrace offers amazing views of the whole arch in a peaceful and sheltered sun trap at the heart of the monument.


As you leave you can reflect upon the structure you have just experienced, and the answered prayers you have encountered. The Wall can be lit at night to dramatic effect, reminding all passers-by of God’s goodness, whatever the time of day.

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