The Wall of Answered Prayer is being designed by Snug Architects. Below is an artist's impression of the design created by Darcstudio.

Our design seeks to create a place that will inspire a deeper engagement with God’s goodness and the reality of answered prayer. More than that, we have sought to create a living wall, a place alive with the prayers of those who will connect with it.

Our concept is the Möbius strip, an idea inspired during a time of prayer. The structure is rich with symbolism. The design is formed of three primary symbolic elements that communicate the poetic relevance of The Wall.

The first and primary impression is the arch. This speaks of the most timeless symbol of God’s covenant with all creation, the rainbow. It is the ultimate symbol of hope, a gentle and elegant form that touches land and sky gently. This will be important in this sensitive landscape setting.

Genesis 9:13: ‘I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth....’

The second is the Möbius strip, the inherent organizing structure. This is a surface without beginning or end. It speaks of God’s eternal and triune nature and ensures that the Wall’s message of God’s goodness unifies and inhabits the whole structure. It is also a highly dynamic form embodying the power and dynamism of prayer.

The third is the bricks themselves, depicting a million answered prayers. The monument is made from 1 million whole bricks. The use of standard bricks will ensure practicality and all importance robustness. The design ensures that every brick is whole and visible on the structures surface. The use of white brick speaks of purity and will enhance the play of light on form, offering ethereal qualities that will enhance its iconic presence in the landscape.

These three powerful symbols form one structure, the whole greater than the sum if it’s parts. It is instantly recognisable, highly engaging and beautiful, whether viewed up close or from a distance. The Wall’s gently twisting shape results in a highly dynamic yet elegant form that is simultaneously prominent and in harmony with Britain’s gentle landscape. We believe this balance between impact and intimacy with the landscape is essential if the structure is to become both loved and iconic in the eyes of a wide audience.

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