Lost wallet reappeared after praying

11th Oct 2019

Answered Prayer #13011

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My family and I were going on holiday; we were sitting on the plane waiting to take off, when I noticed my wallet was missing. It should have been in my bag which was under my seat. I looked everywhere - below the seat, on the floor, above in the storage lockers, down in between the seats. I went cold and started panicking, as without any money our holiday would be a disaster. No cash, no cards, nothing. I put my head between my knees, closed my eyes and prayed for my wallet to reappear. I was desperate but I gave the situation to God - I knew He could do anything. I opened my eyes and there it was. In exactly the same place I had looked before, but this time my wallet was there! Hallelujah. Thank you Lord. We had a wonderful family holiday

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