Recovery from multiple open heart surgeries

3rd Oct 2019

Answered Prayer #13089

After a six year long courtship, we got married in the Summer of 1994. That was answered prayer in itself.. . Only seven weeks later, completely out of the blue, I suffered a massive brain-stem stroke caused by a very rare growth in the heart breaking off. Within days I had open heart surgery to remove the rest of the tumour. My recovery was long and slow, a total of 2 years and 9 months while hospital professionals strived to make me independent as possible - although i still remain quadriplegic. Friends and family prayed and visited me during my hospitalisation. I returned home Easter 1997. In 1998 another tumour was discovered and removed by another open-heart surgery and then it was realised it was hereditary. In the following years i had 3 more surgeries to remove and burn away tumours. All my operations were done by the same incredible heart surgeon and his team. Every night I pray that it won't come back. Its now 14 years since the last operation and I remain quite healthy and can now talk again! Thanks be to God! Amen.

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