Newborn son healed against all odds

24th Sep 2019

Answered Prayer #13005

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In 1990 my girlfriend was pregnant with our son at 15 years old. Tests done at the hospital indicated that he would be born with Spina Bifida. The only option we were given was an immediate termination. While I wasn't a churchgoer at the time, I did believe in the power of prayer. We prayed, then told the hospital we were keeping our baby. While there were many issues during pregnancy, he was born without Spina Bifida. However there were more problems immediately after his birth, as somehow he had got gangrene in his intestines. This culminated in surgery at the Birmingham Children Hospital at a week old. Before taking him down we were offered to have a priest come and bless him. The surgical team didn't believe he would make it through. We can thank God today that he is still with us, at almost 30 years of age, still looking forward to life. He answers prayer.

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