Friend healed of Tourettes

12th Sep 2019

Answered Prayer #12148

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Graham is a dog walker with Tourette’s Syndrome I met on a green near to our church. He said he had no interest in church and couldn’t come to church anyway because of his uncontrollable swearing, but was happy to talk (and swear) and for me to pray with him. Five months later I met him again and told him of an open air service we were planning on the green for Easter Sunday. He came along with his two dogs and sat through the service. On his way back home, I intercepted him and offered to pray for the risen Lord Jesus to heal him and change his life. He agreed but began to swear again. This made a quite angry, so as I prayed, I rebuked anything from the evil one causing the Tourette’s to go in Jesus name. As I said “amen”, Graham said “it’s gone!”. Instantly, this awful condition that had crippled his life for six years had gone, but in the same moment he began to believe in God. The following week he came to church, gave his life to Jesus and has become a changed man. He was baptised and now rarely misses a service. He has had no recurrence of the Tourette’s since that day in 2017. Jesus triumphed over sin and death, sickness and disease by the cross!

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