Answered Prayer #12918

14th Aug 2019

When prayers aren’t answered

There is much more to be experienced in the life of faith than any of us are prepared to expose ourselves to. But, as we know with grief, life exposes us to some things beyond our capacity to bear. It wasn’t losing Nathanael that revealed to me what I’m about to share, but losing him reinforced this holy principle that is forever set apart from those who have never suffered. I learned this principle I’m going to share through the grief of having earlier had God say ‘No!’ to my prayers for healing — for my first marriage. When God also said ‘No!’ to healing Nathanael as he grew in my wife’s womb toward that fateful day he was stillborn, we were granted entry into the deeper secret faith life that is available only for those whose prayers aren’t answered. ~~~ Yes, you read that right. In not answering our prayers for healing and comfort to be given to us the way we wanted it, God gave us a comfort and a healing that blew apart our superficial notions of healing and comfort. God blew those superficial notions away so we could enter something eternally deeper.

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