Answered Prayer #12939

14th Aug 2019

I ran the London Marathon

I’ve been part of the New Wine Team in Pebbles for 3–4 year olds at United (an annual Christian gathering) for a number of years. Pebbles is run as a family and there is a great sense of supporting and encouraging each other across the ages and whatever job you’re doing. There is a powerful sense of God’s presence in all that happens including the sessions with the children, the preparation time and during the teaching, prayer and worship sessions to recharge the team. The level of expectation for the children in Pebbles is so encouraging. We expect God to work in and through the children no less than in the adult sessions. The children are taught and then demonstrate worship, prayer and healing. At United in 2015 we were teaching the children about prayer and encouraging them to try praying for each other. It was not going well and none of the small group of children I was with were engaging. In desperation for something to do I told them that I had a knee problem and asked them to pray for healing. My knee had been painful for over a year. I had been playing 5-a-side football weekly, but the pain of kicking a ball or getting knocked was so severe that I had to give up completely. I could still run but there was pain with that too. My GP sent me for a scan and said I had osteoarthritis (where the protective cartilage on the end of the bones breaks down), for which there is no cure. I was told to continue exercise as much as I could but I was unable to play football or run long distances. When I asked for prayer in Pebbles some of the children in my group prayed a very simple prayer along the lines of ‘Jesus, please heal his knee’. I experienced no noticeable change at the time, but had a sense that God hadn’t finished yet. To my horror in early September 2015 a London Marathon magazine with ‘You’ve got a place’ across the front popped through our letterbox. My eldest daughter and I had been entering the ballot for more than five years without success and said jokingly we would race when I was double her age (when I was 60 she was 30). We’re not serious runners and neither of us had run more than a half marathon. I couldn’t see how I could do it, given the state of my knee, but felt God say ‘Trust me. Agree to do it and I’ll do the rest’. Ann hadn’t got a ballot place, but applied for and got a charity place. Shortly after that, the 5-a-side team were short so I reluctantly agreed to go along to make up numbers and play in goal. I played tentatively, again feeling God saying, ‘Trust me’. We did the London Marathon in April 2016 and I am playing football again with no knee pain. Thank the Lord.

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