Answered Prayer #12945

31st Jul 2019

Healed of chronic fatigue

Two years ago today, God healed me of Chronic Fatigue! I had been ill for more than 10 years, since I was 15. When I came back from university I was really not well, I couldn’t walk once around the outside of our house. God took me through an amazing process of basing my identity in His truth, forgiving, changing the way I thought and on a few occasions I had a noticeable increase in energy after prayer for healing. The biggest revelation in that time was that God really is good. I went to a conference called ELA and they had a word of knowledge that God wanted to heal chronic fatigue. I went for prayer and was prayed for by a lovely lady. She said ‘God always finishes what He has started’ and the truth of that really struck me. I didn’t feel different when she prayed but as I walked back to my chair I felt a physical weight lift off me and I knew I was healed. It was quite something to get my head around! These last two years have been an incredible journey of building the stamina I had lost, of going deeper with God my healer, and stepping into the good plans he has for me. I am excited for the future! Little things like going up the stairs or making spontaneous decisions still feel like a privilege. God is amazing and He heals today!

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