Answered Prayer #12936

31st Jul 2019

My daughter was safe and protected

I was at a music and dance festival at Hyde Park on a hot day in July, among tens of thousands of people, with my eldest daughter; and she wanted to go to the front to watch Diversity dance. We were close by and so I went a little way with her. Just then, I bumped into a friend and was distracted for a while. When Diversity had finished I looked over to where Lucia should be, but she was missing. She's a sensible young girl, wise above her teenage years; so I waited. The next act came and went. I dialed her phone and the bag next to me rang, and next to it was her water bottle - still full. My wife and I took it in turns to look for her. We talked to the bouncers at the front, went to the food areas and water stops and everywhere nearby we could think of. It was then that panic set in. She is a sensible girl and we had exhausted all our ideas of where she could be. She was out there, somewhere, alone. Or worse had been taken somewhere else. It was then that I realised that I had been leaning on my own ability and strength the whole time. Not once had I asked God. I was so upset about what could have happened to my young girl, and so reduced by my own helplessness, that there was only one prayer I could offer. I felt didn't have the right to ask anything of God and was desperate with worry - so my only prayer was that she should be unharmed and safe - wherever she is and whomever she is with. I asked God just that. Not that she should be in my care - which was so weak and flawed - but in God's care. I gave her up into God's hands knowing how unable I was to protect her. Just as that arrow prayer flew from my heart I saw a figure walking along the pathway, as if the crowd were being divided, walking towards me. It was Lucia, being returned. Safe. (She had fainted at the front of the crowd and been lifted over the barriers by security. They had then taken her to St. John's and then finished their shift to be replaced by new people. St. John's had cared for her while she rested; finally sending her back 'alone' - where she found us again. Cynics would say 'what a coincidence'. However, I know it was a 'God-incidence'. She was never alone. And all the while I had been looking in the wrong direction and trusting in the wrong thing. I had learnt something precious and in doing so had had my precious daughter returned.) Thank you Lord.

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