Answered Prayer #300,010

31st Jul 2019

"Oh, for more nights of prayer"

The Methodist Preachers' meeting was well attended, and Rev. W. N. Brodbeck, the pastor of the church of this city, thrilled the brethren with an address on "The relation of the ministers to revivals", during which he pointedly referred to church fairs and festivals as barriers to revivals. He declared that some ministers and churches would never have a revival, because they would not do the hard work, and make the sacrifice essential to secure said results.

He began revival services, but at first only doubtful characters came to the altar, in whom the public had no confidence. Many were offended, and some said: "Do you know those people that are coming to the altar?" He replied: "Yes I know them; they are immortal souls for whom Christ died."

When the meetings had run three weeks, one of his leading members came to him and said: "I think it is time these meetings were stopped; we have held them three weeks, and we want to hold a fair and have some entertainments." The pastor firmly and promptly replied: "You may do as you please, but these meetings will not stop."

His heart was broken, and so was the heart of one of the devout women members. They expressed their feelings to each other and parted. They both spent the night in prayer, and at 10 o'clock the next morning, the pastor gained the evidence that his prayers were answered. After dinner he went out, and met the devout lady on the street, her face shining with the glory of God. She said: "The victory is coming." "How do you know?" "I got the evidence at 10 o'clock this morning, after spending a whole night in prayer." This was the very time that the pastor gained the evidence.

That very night, while the pastor was preaching, a young man arose and came to the altar; others followed, so that the pastor had to stop preaching. God was among the people in power; the church was quickened, backsliders were reclaimed, hundreds of sinners were converted. Places of amusement and saloons were closed. The face of the community was changed, and 275 converts joined that one church, and the fair was not held. All because they refused to have the fair.

Oh, for more nights of prayer! Oh, for more agony of soul for perishing sinners! Oh, for more of the mind of Christ! Then would revivals prevail, and thousands would be converted to God. - Christian Witness

- Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer - Shaw, S.B. (p.1893)

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