Answered Prayer #300,019

31st Jul 2019

I threw my truss into the fire

About three weeks after my conversion the Lord told me to go preach His gospel. I obeyed the call the best I could, but have been trying to believe that I could work in the mill through the week and just preach on Sunday; but found that the Lord wanted me to give up all and work for Him. Still I hesitated. About one year ago, while about my work, I fell, and ruptured myself very badly - was so that I could not stand on my feet without a truss, and sometimes even that was not sufficient, and I had to lie on my back. Last Thursday night, while I was preaching, my rupture began to pain me so badly that I had to top and let Brother Shaw finish. I suffered a great deal of pain all the next day. During the evening I lay on the couch, as I was unable to be on my feet, or even sit up with any comfort. Finally Brother Shaw said: "Let us pray". At first I thought I could not get on my knees, but with the Lord's help I got down, and began to pray for God to heal my body. Then I thought something said: "Get up, and take off your truss." So I got up, and took it off, and went to the stove, opened the door, and threw it into the fire, as I felt clearly directed to do. Then God came to me and made a sound man of me. I can jump and praise Him now, and all is right. - Brother J. S. Whiting (1888) 

Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer - Shaw, S.B. (p.1893)

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