Answered Prayer #12954

18th Jul 2019

Interview date brought forward

I haven't been happy in my job for a while, and it's been a long term dream of mine to join the police. They finally changed the rules about applying to the police in London, which is where I live, which meant that I was able to apply. So I applied a little while ago and the earliest interview they could give me was a few months away, in July. I was really upset because that meant that I was still going to be in the job that I was in for another four months at the time, before I'd even had my first interview, so I was really gutted; then I prayed to God and said "Look, you know what I want, you know how miserable I am, if this isn't your will for it to happen sooner then that's absolutely fine, but I would really really like it to be sooner because I'm not enjoying my job and this is something that I really want." I didn't think anything would become of it because it was such a direct thing, and I'd already booked onto the interview and everything, and then literally, I'd prayed that prayer in the morning and then that afternoon I got an email saying 'We've had a few slots open up in May', so I was able to book on two weeks after that morning!

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