Answered Prayer #12877

11th Jun 2019

Found the perfect childminder

When we moved house I knew I would need a new local childminder for my two young children. Then I heard that, due to childminders becoming Ofsted checked, many had chosen not to continue. I prayed "Lord, you know I need a childminder. You know that all the childminders are full. Lord, I give this situation to you because there is nothing I can do." A short while later a parent of a child in my Year 2 class said to me "I hear you need a childminder. I know of someone who has recently become a registered childminder. She is having extensive work done in her house so she is unable to take on pre-schoolers, but your children are school age. Would you like her phone number?" The rest is history. God is so good. He can do anything.

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