Answered Prayer #3510

11th Jun 2019

Man's leg grows during prayer

Whilst doing "Healing On The Streets" with the Group from our Church, a gentleman sat on one of the chairs for Prayer. My Prayer Partner and I asked the gentleman what he would like Prayer for. He said he had a bad back. We asked if he had got one leg longer than the other. (As this sometimes gives people a bad back). He replied, he did not know. So my Prayer Partner and I held both his legs out in front of him. Yes: he had got one leg longer than the other. So we Prayed in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ for the shorter leg to grow. The leg grew to the same length as the other one. We then asked him to stand. We Prayed for all his body to now come into alignment with the new stance of his body. Praying for all things to be in the correct place. He felt things happening to him inside. He walked away totally OK. Give Thanks and Praise to Jesus Christ Our Saviour. AMEN.

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