Answered Prayer #12566

16th May 2019

Medically there was little hope

One day I was contacted and asked to go to Hull Royal Hospital and pray for someone I didn’t know from another church. I was told he was seriously ill, in intensive care, and medically there was little hope. I was having a busy week, and this was an extra call, but I arranged to go. I was encouraged by the fact that people from his own church were holding special prayer times for him. I found the man in a private room, lying still, with tubes, wires and monitors indicating the seriousness of his condition. I asked a couple of questions, and, not wanting to weaken him more with a long conversation, I laid my hand on his shoulder and prayed. I didn’t prolong the prayer either, because he seemed so weak, and within a few minutes I was on my way. I felt no special or significant sense of God’s presence, as you sometimes do when praying for the sick. I just laid my hand on him and prayed briefly, asking Jesus for his recovery, and praying against the sickness. I later heard that by the very next day the man had quickly rallied and recovered. When he had been examined by the doctors, he’d been found well enough to be discharged to go home.

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