Answered Prayer #12833

16th May 2019

Electrocuted but returned to work the next day

It wasn’t until my older years when I started to realize just how amazing my dad was. Of course I thought he was a good dad but later I found out he truly was a man of God. I always remember him as a devoted Catholic so I shouldn’t be amazed at how God protected him. He had worked at the same company for many years. I had gotten a job there when I was 19 and worked there for 3 years along with my other two sisters who were there a long time. I witnessed this first hand and to this day can only think of this as God's miracle. My dad was a supervisor for the maintenance department and was the kind of boss that would work alongside of you or sometimes by himself. One day it was just afternoon when we went back to work. After about one hour my dad went to fix a turntable that wasn’t working right. We had a system in place for when anyone would work fixing something that it is turned off. The woman whose turntable was having problems went to lunch while it was worked on. She came back from lunch and didn’t see anyone around so she figured her machine was fixed so she turned it on. She then heard someone softly crying help. She went behind the machine to see if the noise was coming from there and she saw my dad being electrocuted. He was there working on it and in the process of fixing it he had a wire in each hand and the electricity was passing through his body. The woman grabbed her broom and knocked him back hard so he would drop the wires when he fell. This was smart thinking on her part to respond so fast. One of the supervisors came to get me and my two sisters before the ambulance came to take him to the hospital. He looked bad, his face had no color to it and he could only whisper. I know I prayed hard that he would be ok. We had to go and get my mom and run up to the hospital. When we got up there they had just finished doing an ECG to check his heart. The doctor told us that he was doing well and the tests came back normal but he wanted to keep him there overnight. He got released and came home like nothing happened. The next day he went back to work, he wasn’t the type to stay home. Our prayers were answered thanks to God. I just don’t know how he could go through something like that and be alright but Jesus had him.

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