Answered Prayer #12604

16th May 2019

I dared to hope

At the end of his first year on a Production and Technology Management course, a tall, heavy ladder fell on my son’s head. About 4 weeks later, after a lot of enforced bed rest, 3 accident and emergency attendances, two G.P. appointments, an optician's appointment and a planned neurology consultant appointment, he was still suffering from blurred/double vision, nausea, extreme tiredness, some memory loss and could only walk a maximum of 3 steps without holding onto the wall or someone. (Needless to say, this was an extremely challenging and upsetting time.) Many were praying but the significant change happened at Bible School when one of Revive’s leaders handed over half of the evening to the Revive College students to pray for him. The Africans led the way. I have never known prayer like this before or since in terms of power and authority in claiming God's word for healing! I dared to hope. On returning home, my son assured me he felt better. Our first opportunity to see a difference came two days later. I had asked my husband to drive him to our local gym, for a change of scene, and to supervise gentle movement in the water then to drive him home again. When I returned from work I was told that he had marched to the gym, which is an 8-minute walk away, unaided (with no support for balance), that he proceeded to swim 30 lengths (of a gym-sized pool) then marched home again! Our son was healed and has not looked back!

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