Answered Prayer #12608

16th May 2019

My son's prayer was answered

Our years in Gibraltar were challenging but happy years. And, although money was tight, there was so much that we could do as a family that cost almost nothing. The sun, the beaches, the marinas, the Spanish rivers, mountains and countryside, there was a lot to enjoy on our days off as a family. Sometimes on a Wednesday evening, I would find I had a little spare cash. (I paid myself the housekeeping every Thursday morning.) I would ask the family, "Who wants to go down to Camp Bay (a local beachfront) for coke and crisps?" The boys, still young, would run and skip all the way to the beach and choose their crisps as if they had been given the 'a la carte' menu at some top restaurant! They were so easily pleased. But one day, my son came to us with a desire for a guitar he had found was for sale. He had, till then, been learning and practising on a £10 guitar from one of the many bargain shops in Gibraltar. In spite of the cheap guitar, it was already evident that he was gifted musically. The good guitar he wanted cost £140! Way out of our reach. But we had over the years, by example, as well as by teaching, sought to tell the boys, “if you want something, ask God. We will provide you with everything we can, but ultimately, He is your provider." So we reinforced this, telling him, "If God gives us £140, it is yours, because we know you have been asking God for it." Do I even need to tell you the ending of the story? The £140 came in, I can’t even remember from whom, and our son bought his first proper guitar, helping him on his first early steps as a worship leader. God heard the prayer and desires of a young boy. We often wished we could have given our children so much more financially, but those early lessons in trusting God have served them both well, right into adulthood. Their earthly parents may not have been rich, but their heavenly Father definitely is!

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