Answered Prayer #11554

16th May 2019

No longer in a place of fear

I have always had the inclination to worry about things and the older I got the more it increased. In my mid-teens I reached the point when I was scared to leave my house and I could only think about how awful things might be if I did. I turned to Jesus as I knew He was the only one who could help me. Gradually, step by step I faced my fears. At that time I was scared everyday by different things so I just kept holding onto Jesus and plodding on. I worried it would never change and I would be permanently anxious forever. But gradually, over months and years I started to realise the things that used to dominate my thoughts and emotions were diminishing and subsiding as I focused more on, and grew in, relationship with Jesus. I'm now married, with 2 beautiful girls, have a degree, have travelled to South Africa, am a deacon at my church and lead my first church service a few weeks ago. All things I could never have done if I had remained in that place of overwhelming fear. Thank you Jesus that you love us as we are and change us to be more than we ever thought we could be, by your power and grace!

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