Answered Prayer #12385

16th May 2019

Overwhelmed with joy at tax rebate

I applied for youth work training course which cost £800. I felt the lord was calling me in that time to give all my money away to people who needed it more, so I did. Although I had no money, I felt that the Lord had called me to apply for this course, so I did in faith that the Lord would provide the money. I waited for the money for a few weeks and it didn't arrive, I was beginning to think I had made a bad mistake. I received an email from the course administrator saying that the final deadline for the payment is due, I currently had £0.00 in my bank. I ran upstairs, lay on the floor and cried out to God, a large part of me doubting his existence. The next morning I received a tax rebate through the post for £840, I was overwhelmed with joy and in awe that God had answered my prayer. I felt amazed that God wasn't just a belief I had, but a real living God who had acted in my life.

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