Answered Prayer #12399

16th May 2019

The anxious feelings left me

I went to the Healing Rooms when I had been very preoccupied by oppressive and intrusive thoughts about a small group of my neighbours who have caused very upsetting difficulties. The thoughts would come to me several times a day and I would even find myself having imaginary arguments with them. The gentleness and warmth shown to me during the prayer, together with words from God were beautiful and comforting and I seemed to feel my body becoming more upright at one point, indicating to me a lifting of my spirit and peace. From that evening onwards, the anxious feelings left me and if ever thoughts of the neighbours come into my mind, I have been able to quickly recognise and replace them, and have been able to recall that God has healed me and that He is greater than those who have tried to cause harm and disruption.

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