Answered Prayer #12047

16th May 2019

Brought back together after 6 years

I had been seeing my boyfriend for two years when he proposed. I was thrilled as I really loved him and believed that he was “the one”. The only blot on the horizon was his parents, who were very much against our relationship as they had hoped for better for their son. Yet when it came to telling them we had got engaged, he couldn’t summon the courage and so to my absolute shock he ended it. I was heartbroken but God stayed close to me and helped me deal with the pain. I got to the stage where I was happy again and content to be single for the rest of my life if that was God’s will. Once I felt led to call him and rang the last number I had, not knowing if he’d moved on. He answered and was ecstatic to hear from me. He had been praying and, even though we’d not spoken for a few years, he felt that it would be me when the phone rang! Healing and forgiveness rushed in and within eighteen months we were married. He truly has been the man of my dreams and people are amazed when we tell them that God brought us back together after a gap of over six years. In that time we had learnt to appreciate and value each other so much more and we are living proof that God really does answer prayers.

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