Answered Prayer #12214

16th May 2019

Money given towards debt

Our family were in a difficult financial situation; I had nearly £3000 credit card debt and I was also in £1000 rent arrears and further council tax arrears. I couldn't sleep due to the stress of our situation. I prayed frequently to Jesus for help with our family finances. Then my partner was invited to go on a short break to Spain by a family member. I was reluctant to pay £150 for his flight and find a further £200 spending money for him but I managed it. Something made me feel that he should go with them and have a break. While on holiday my partner shared our situation with the family member. The day they all arrived home from Spain, the family member transferred £2000 into my bank account as a gift to help with our finances. I'm so grateful to the family member and to Jesus for rescuing our family at a very scary time.

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