Answered Prayer #12383

16th May 2019

Given the chance to take all three tests

In June of last year we had my Granny's burial. Burials of the aged are a big deal in my society. This required me to travel 4 states away from my school. While I was away, there was an impromptu test conducted on 3 very difficult courses. Each test was 30% of a 3 unit course. It was impromptu and I was so helpless. So I missed those tests. Failing any of the courses would result in having to take an extra year. The examination officer in charge of these courses is well known to be difficult and stern, revered by students. I tried going through the faculty to report my absence and to plead to be offered a chance to take the tests; all failed. They claimed they couldn't conduct the test because it would not be fair. So I went to God in prayers. Then He told me "though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil". This became my meditation. 2 weeks to the final exam, I got the phone number of the examination officer but I didn't know what to do with it, because he absolutely frowns at students calling his personal phone. As I got into my room one afternoon, God spoke clearly to me, "call the Professor now". I called him and to my awe, He told me to come over to his office and there he allowed me to take all the three tests. I was so blown away. While I was bothered and saddened, God was busy in the background. He knows how to take us out of every mess! You may not realize how much that means. But from where I am, it's a miracle! Amazing to know He cares for me.

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