Answered Prayer #12289

16th May 2019

Healed of endometriosis and expecting our first child

I had been suffering from endometriosis since I was 16 years old. I'd had an operation to remove it once before however it had grown back. The doctors were running out of options to my treatment. When I met my now husband I was in so much pain each month that I was bed bound for 2 weeks at a time and fainting. The only suggestion the doctors could make was wait to see if I could get pregnant or if it got much worse have a hysterectomy. This was the worse prognoses for me as I've always dreamt of being a mummy. I'd had prayer in the past about it but I felt like it didn't work. After a particular bad month I went to a group of ladies in my church for prayer. They prayed that I would be healed from the endometriosis and that by the end of the year there would be a baby in my womb growing. Afterwards, during worship, I felt so much peace come over me and god said to me "This pain is only temporary". I'd gone from a broken, weak woman, to one that had hope in the future and I started to dance in the aisle. Fast forward till just after our honeymoon and my 30th birthday. I started on my period and waited in anticipation for the pain but it never came and every month was the same with no endometriosis symptoms. I was healed. However, there was still the 2nd half of the prayer to be fulfilled. Doctors were shocked at how quickly the symptoms had gone but were still sceptical I could conceive. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible with God because 7 months later, with still no sign of endometriosis symptoms returning, we got the news we'd all been waiting for. I found out we were expecting our first child. Now we wait in anticipation to meet our miracle baby in August.

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