Our History

The story so far

Richard first had the vision for The Eternal Wall when he was carrying a cross around Leicestershire at Easter-time to lead people to think about Jesus. He prayed over the vision for ten years until 2014 when he felt the nudge to begin acting upon it.

The project began with a crowdfunding campaign of £45k in order to build a suitable website and begin the competition run by the Royal Institute of British Architects. From the outset it seemed unlikely that this amount would be reached in time, however following a word from God funding came in miraculously from across the world over two days; the full amount was reached with a day to spare.

Following the successful crowdfunding campaign, the RIBA competition was initiated and received 133 entrants from every continent in the world. The designs were shortlisted to five finalists by a judging panel of experts and national influencers.

The project was then presented at Parliament two years ago. 

Through a word of knowledge we were connected with a landowner who had received a vision to fund a national landmark about Jesus six months before Richard received the vision. The landowner has given us a ten acre piece of land in a prime location.

In the meantime, the RIBA competition continued with the final architects adapting their designs to the specific landscape. They then presented their designs in April 2019 to two panels; technical experts and national influencers. A winning design was then selected.

At the end of 2019 we ran a successful fundraising campaign where we raised the remaining funds needed to complete our planning application. This was successfully submitted in January 2020 and we expect to hear the decision on our application in summer 2020. 


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